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A leading Peruvian agribusiness company, that supplies its products with an optimal world class value.
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More than a company

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Our History

GANDULES INC is a private equity company founded in 2002, with several years of experience in the management of agricultural fields in the valleys of Jayanca and San Pedro in northern Peru.

We are recognized, locally and worldwide, as one of the most important companies in the Peruvian agribusiness industry due to the success on integrating our productive operations and the exportation of our products to more than 45 countries within our 3 main business lines: Preserved Products, Frozen Products and Fresh Produce.

GANDULES INC has become a leading company among its industry. Our organization stands out in its sector for the quality, reliability and transparency of its business management, providing the best customer service, the highest commitment, a constant pursuit of innovation and the continuous improvement of our processes.

Currently, GANDULES INC. is an innovative company dedicated to the production, processing, packing and trade of its own products in wide variety of raw materials such as peppers, jalapenos, green pigeon peas, green chili, mango, among others; employing between 3500 and 5000 workers throughout the stages of its productive chain.

Our modern processing plant located in the Valley of Jayanca has been built alongside our growing fields in order to guarantee that the harvested products are processed in optimal conditions. Despite the fact that the agribusiness industry’s boom in Peru is relatively new, GANDULES INC has an stablished tradition as an exporter of high quality products with the best prices in the market, being these features our most distinctive attributes.

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to our Mission

To provide a wide range of vegetables and fruits to the world, produced with the highest food quality standards, specialized technology and committed with our customers satisfaction, care of the environment and social responsibility.

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A renewed

To become a worldwide consolidated, innovative and specialized company of vegetables and fruits.

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Social Responsibility

Gandules Inc. regularly organizes social responsibility programs that are aimed to contribute with the economic, social and environmental development and improvement of our zones of influence.
For such goal, we promote social activities that enable sustainable development, both cultural and educational. Likewise, we continuously work as a team to identify and minimize the environmental impact of our activities, promoting the use of clean energy sources and the continuous improvement in all the production stages.

Human Talent

We are an organization known for its dynamism, competitiveness, passion for the results and commitment with our workers. As a human team, we are in a constant search of the best talent whose profile is aligned with to our passion for profitability and the socio-economic development of our country; pursuing confidence, team work, innovation, operative excellence and continuous improvement as tools for corporate and team goal achievement.

Work with Us

In Gandules Inc. is always important to work with the best talent. Send us your CV or visit the following link to check our available job opportunities.
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